Aadhaar Card

How to check Aadhaar Card link to LPG and Bank Status Online

UIDAI has offered a new facility of sinking your LPG subsidy and Bank account with Aadhaar Card to get the real-time action without finding any fraudulent activities under it. Aadhaar Card is an actual card comprises physical scanning so even single misuse activity cannot be occurred with this card. And for this cause UIDAI has provided a full facility of linking LPG, Pan Card, Bank Account and check ration card status for the right serving to the right people. If you have already proceeded for this action and yet not get any notification by SMS or Mail then you can check it now with the link provided here. Let’s talk you more about this here under.


Check Aadhaar Link status with Bharart Gas, Indane Gas and HP gas

  1. Open the official site of UID
  2. Go to the link if you have asked for Bhararat gas then go to the Bharat Gas link status
  3. Same here you can follow with Indane Gas and HP Gas
  4. Now enter the details required to fill in
  5. Now click on the link proceed to get the current position to the related searches
  6. Here you will be soon availed with the status of your link

If you feel that your process is not started yet then you can visit to the nearby UDI office and get the real problem why it is not processed yet. This is how you can easily check your activation or deactivation process of Aadhaar card link to LPG.

Aadhaar Card Banks Link Status

Till now no online facility is available to check status of Aadhaar Card link with Bank. But still you can do it with the following steps.

  • Personally visit the bank premises and ask for status
  • Call to bank’s executives to get the real status information
  • Call to *99*99# and enter your Aadhaar no
  • It will display the bank name if your link status is activated

This is how you can check here current status with following the above methods. You can easily check your link status with using the related searches links we have mentioned here. So go for it.


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